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Amsterdam’s Top 15 VCs For Tech Startups [2023]

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top destinations for tech startups. Indeed, in 2021 Amsterdam’s VCs and its venture capital ecosystem together have invested in total a whopping €5.3 billion, 3x the €1.7 billion they invested in 2020..!

In addition to funding, Amsterdam’s VCs often also offer founders valuable support for hiring, product development, sales and marketing.

In this article we have listed our top picks for the best Venture Capital funds (VCs) in Amsterdam. So, if you haven’t yet started to reach out, here is a good place to start learning about them.

This article is part of a series where we present you the top Venture Capital firms across the world. For Europe, check out our rankings for Austria, Belgium, Berlin, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
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Top 15 Venture Capital Funds In Amsterdam

Here’s a summary of our top 15 picks for Amsterdam’s best VCs for tech startups (in alphabetical order):

NameLocationSector focusInvestment stageInvestment rangeInvestments
ACT Venture Partners Amsterdam, Instanbul, London TechnologySeed, Series AUndisclosed25
Aescap VentureAmsterdamBiotech, Life SciencesSeed to Series CUndisclosed28
Amsterdam Venture PartnersAmsterdam, Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin SaaS, MarketplaceSeed, Series A€1M - €10M1
Anterra Capital Amsterdam, BostonAgriculture, Animal health, FoodSeed, Series A, C€1M - €15M23
Endeit Capital BVAmsterdam, Stockholm, HamburgTechnologySeries A, Series B€7M - €15M39
Evo Venture PartnersAmsterdamSoftwarePre-seed, Seed Undisclosed7
Finch CapitalAmsterdam, London, JakartaFintechSeries A, Series B€2M - €10M59
HenQAmsterdamSector agnosticPre-seed, Seed, Series A€500k - €5M50
Inkef CapitalAmsterdamTechnology, Life Science, HealthcareSeed, Series AUndisclosed68
Keen Venture PartnersAmsterdam, LondonData and Intelligence; Software Services, Digital ModelsSeries A & BUndisclosed18
M VenturesAmsterdam, Darmstadt, Tel AvivHealthcare, Life Sciences, Electronics, Frontier TechSeed, Series A, B & CUndisclosed94
Peak Amsterdam, Berlin, StockholmSaaS, MarketplaceSeed, Series A€250k - €4M37+
SET VenturesAmsterdamEnergy Seed, Series A, B & C€6M38
VOC Capital PartnersAmsterdamConsumer, Technology, Energy, Fintech, HealthtechSeed€400k - €2M14
Volta VenturesAmsterdam, GentSoftwareSeed, Series A€300k - €2M56

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1. ACT Venture Partners

ACT Venture Partners is an early-stage VC firm investing in technology companies. They target Seed Stage and Series-A, deep tech startups led by internationally-minded, innovative, and passionate entrepreneurs.

Their portfolio companies have access to experienced professionals in R&D management, entrepreneurship, private equity, investment banking, finance, and engineering. They assist ACT portfolio companies in strategy formulation and other business areas.

ACT is a member of Invest Europe, and its investors include the European Investment Fund and other local and international private investors. 

Finally, ACT cooperates with various organizations and service providers who add value to their portfolio companies. 

2. Aescap Venture

Aescap Venture is a VC firm targeting publicly traded life sciences and biotechnology sectors. Their investment focuses on high-growth, highly innovative companies developing and marketing new medicine.

In addition, Aescap targets diagnostics and medical devices companies that have shown potential to generate preferred financial returns while impacting the quality of life of millions of people.

Aescap invests in the companies actively searching to expand their business regarding in-or-out-licensing opportunities. However, Aescap only invests in companies when they meet their calculated ‘maximum entry prices’ and sell them upon reaching the re-balance price. 

3. Amsterdam Venture Partners

Amsterdam Venture Partners is another of Amsterdam’s top VCs. Yet, it only invests in startups focusing on SaaS and Marketplace platforms. The Seed stage and Series A VC firm assist founders set up a solid fundraising strategy and creating the required tools to achieve business success.

The VC firm holds an initial call with the portfolio company to work with the best startup founders. They conduct background research during the initial meeting, and portfolio managers vote to decide.

Amsterdam Venture Partners collect relevant market intelligence and help portfolio companies through decision-making processes. Their typical investment size is in the range of €1Million — €10 million. 

4. Anterra Capital 

Anterra Capital is an early stage and growth stage venture capitalist targeting food, animal, and agriculture sectors.  The VC firm supports entrepreneurs who focus on building a healthier food system and enabling consumers to access foods that drive positive wellness outcomes. The firm aims to empower farmers to feed the world by restoring environmental health.

Anterra Capital combines deep market knowledge and sector expertise with a passion for facilitating founders in building companies that tackle the challenges of the global food economy. The VC firm remains committed to catalyzing startups transformation by creating a world-class network and access to financial stability. 

5. Endeit Capital BV

Endeit Capital BV invests in early-stage and growth-stage companies in the technology sector.  The VC firm focuses on supporting the entrepreneurs who drive the change and shape the future. 

Since its inception, Endeit Capital BV has helped great founders through the challenging journey of building great companies. In addition, Endeit Capital BV stimulates various initiatives that encourage and foster entrepreneurship in multiple ways.

Their commitment to helping technology companies has resulted in numerous portfolio companies acquired successfully by publicly quoted buyers. 

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6. Evo Venture Partners

Evo Venture Partners invest in pre-seed and seed-stage software-based infrastructures specifically in backup, security, storage, virtualization, networking, and cloud solutions. Formed by a group of IT entrepreneurs and investors, the VC firm seeks to assist portfolio companies to raise financing and build successful enterprises.

7. Finch Capital

Finch Capital invests in Series A and Series B high-growth fintech companies run by exceptional entrepreneurs. The VC firm supports high-potential entrepreneurs and provides them access to capital.  

Since its inception, Finch Capital has continually supported entrepreneurs who create products that will shape the finance industry’s future. Finch Capital leverages its international network and industry expertise to enable its portfolio companies to grow into industry leaders.

The VC firm has extensive experience building businesses and expanding into different countries. Their typical investments range is €2M – €10M and up to €50Million with co-investors.

8. HenQ

HenQ is a sector agnostic VC firm investing in pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups led by the best European founders. The VC firm invests in seemingly ‘boring’ or ‘too small’ markets with a typical business model.

Before investing, HenQ engages in conversations to find out the things founders care about. Unlike typical VCs, HenQ does not require founders to build decks or investors to create pleasing models. Instead, they work with the document and the metrics used by the startup founders to steer their business.

Their typical deal size falls in the range of €500k-€5m.

9. Inkef Capital 

Inkef Capital is an early-stage VC firm investing in Seed Stage and Series A technology, life sciences, and healthcare companies. The VC firm backs mission-driven founders who have shown the passion for solving a problem while growing their investment. 

To attain its objective, Inkef has built a dynamic team eager to discover new technologies and build thriving global companies. The Inkef team works alongside the company management to create a breakthrough and achieve business goals. 

Apart from financing, Inkef Capital supports firms in business strategy formulation and marketing insights and works with management to forecast and shape the company’s future. 

10. KEEN Venture Partners

Keen Venture Partners invest in Series A and Series B fast-growing technology companies. The VC firm focuses on supporting the portfolio companies as they ride through the rather bumpy business growth path. Therefore, their talented team helps founders and management teams through strategy formulation helping the startups overcome various challenges.

The venture capital firm targets companies building the next generation networks, virtualization solutions, IoT platforms, and machine learning.  

They provide portfolio companies access to a vast network, experience, and capabilities to build strong networks. 

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11. M Ventures

M Ventures is a corporate venture capital arm of Merck. The VC firm backs entrepreneurs that venture into globally transformational ideas. They target startups within the healthcare, life sciences, electronics, and frontier technologies, in alignment with the strategic interests of Merck`s business areas.  

M Ventures takes an active role in the management of their portfolio companies. Therefore, they work with the management teams and co-investors to translate scientific discoveries into commercially viable products.

To facilitate startups growth, M Ventures identifies and finances novel solutions. They focus on the fields that impact the vitality and sustainability of future businesses. 

12. Peak Capital 

Peak Capital is an early-stage VC firm targeting entrepreneurs who build SaaS and marketplace platforms. The VC firm seeks to be the lead investor, and for each deal, they invest between €250K and €4Million, to help founders realize their visions quicker. They look for teams with clear investment plans and those ready to scale.

Peak reserves the majority of their fund for follow-on rounds. They also support their portfolio founders in raising later rounds. They have built a robust network of investors who have the conviction and will to continue supporting founders from pre-seed to Series B and beyond.  

13. SET Ventures 

SET Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in founders who build intelligent energy systems. They look for business cases involving intelligent software, hardware, or a combination, which can potentially impact the future energy system.

The VC firm supports innovative entrepreneurs entering the business growth stage by providing scalable, intelligent energy business models.

The VC firm helps entrepreneurs build companies that impact the global energy system. They leverage their experience and network to grow companies that generate significant returns.  

SET Ventures invests an average of €6M per company in activating and supporting business growth.

14. VOC Capital Partners 

VOC Capital partners invest in technology, energy, finance, and consumer-focused, startups that adopt a proven business model and have a turnover of €50K per month.

The VC firm aims at helping the portfolio companies to grow their business by providing them with knowledge and experience.

Besides, VOC capital partners support portfolio companies in financial, operational, marketing, sales, and software development.

In addition, they plug their portfolio companies into a network of partners, customers, and executives to help the startup founders grow.

Their typical investments fall in the range €400K-€2M in exchange for a 20% – 45% share. 

15. Volta Ventures 

With over 56 investments to date, Volta Ventures is undeniably one of Amsterdam’s top VCs. It’s a seed and early-stage VC firm targeting B2B software startups from pre-seed to series A. They look for complimentary founding teams with a significant amount of knowledge about their active market and involve their management teams in building successful ventures.

To help founders build solutions that add value and solve problems, Volta Ventures invests between €300K and €2M. In addition, Volta Ventures assist startups with access to talent, markets, and customers.  

Volta ventures allocate a large portion of their capital to the provision of follow-on investments. Indeed, their follow-on investments can go up to €7M per company.    

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