Berlin’s Top 15 VCs For Tech Startups [2023]

Berlin is undeniably one of Europe’s top destinations for tech startups. Indeed, in 2021 alone Berlin’s VCs and its venture capital ecosystem together have invested in total a whopping $7.1 billion, making it the 2nd top city in Europe behind London.

In addition to funding, Berlin’s VCs often also offer founders valuable support for hiring, product development, sales and marketing.

In this article we have listed our top picks for the best Venture Capital funds (VCs) in Berlin. So, if you haven’t yet started to reach out, here is a good place to start learning about them.

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Top 15 Venture Capital Funds In Berlin

Here’s a summary of our top 15 picks for Berlin’s best VCs for tech startups (in alphabetical order):

NameSector focusRoundInvestment sizeInvestments
APXSector AgnosticSeed, Series A€50k – €500k104
Cherry VenturesSector AgnosticSeed, Series A€300k – €3M143
Early Bird Venture CapitalTechnologySeries A€1M – €3.5M281
Fly VenturesSector AgnosticSeed StageUndisclosed49
June FundTechnologyStage AgnosticUndisclosed36
LakestarTechnologySeed, Series AUndisclosed133
Lunar VenturesDeep TechSeed€300k – €1M12
PeakSaaS, MarketplaceSeed, Series A€250k – €4M37
Peppermint Venture PartnersHealthcareSeed, Series AUndisclosed15
Point NineSaaS, MarketplaceSeed€500k – €5M226
signals Pre-SeedSoftwareSeed, Series AUp To €250k3
SpeedinvestTechnology, health, marketplace, and consumer industriesPre-Seed, Seed€700k to €1.3M320
Target GlobalTechnologyStage AgnosticUndisclosed167
Verve VenturesScience and TechnologySeed, Series A, B, C€500K – €5M172

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1. APX 

APX is an early-stage investor based in Berlin and backed by Axel Springer and Porsche. It’s undeniable one of Berlin’s most active early-stage VCs. They target pre-seed, seed-stage, and series A startups and invest between €50K and €500K.

The VC firm prefers investing in the earliest stages and targets startups with digital business models. They look for companies with high-growth potential and a valid hypothesis that will significantly impact people. The sector-agnostic VC firm only invests in companies with more than one founder or single founders looking to bring co-founders onboard.

2. Cherry Ventures

Cherry is a pre-seed and seed-stage VC firm targeting founders with a scalable business model. 

The sector-agnostic VC firm prefers investing much earlier than other VCs, committing between €300K and €3M. 

Apart from initial financial investments, the VC firm focuses on working with portfolio companies long-term. They look for ambitious founders who are resourceful and resilient. In addition, they examine the market to make sure there is potential for success.

Since its founding, the VC firm focuses on issues affecting early-stage entrepreneurs. They make sure to deliver on their promises throughout the investment phase. 

3. Early Bird

Early Bird invests in Series A technology companies making initial investments in the range of €1M to €3.5M.

The VC firm supports portfolio companies through the different growth phases. Early Bird VC offers financial support and strategic support to assist the early-stage companies to access a broader market. Besides, Early Bird Venture Capital provides portfolio companies access to an international network.

With over €2Billion under its management, Early Bird Venture Capital is one of the most established and active VC firms serving the European founders. 

4. Fly Ventures

Fly Ventures is a sector agnostic VC firm investing in pre-seed and seed stages. Backing founders from day zero, the VC firm strongly believes in radical transparency. 

Regarding investment criteria, they prefer meeting founders long before investing in their startups. The Investment firm conducts regular checks to understand better how the portfolio company is performing.

Fly Ventures prides itself on following an anti-thesis investment approach. Their job is to remain highly reactive to the market. Therefore, they find enlightenment through initial meetings with founders and navigate opportunities via visceral curiosity in the problem addressed.

5. June Fund

June is a venture capital firm focusing on technology startups. The VC firm invests in entrepreneurs committed to building products that the world needs most. Focusing on technologies that will drive change, June offers personal support and links portfolio companies to a network of industry partners.

The stage agnostic VC firm invests from pre-seed to growth-stage companies. Their portfolio companies upend the status quo and focus on creating new systems to enable or broaden access, redistribute power and often work on the edge. 

They look for entrepreneurs who have a prepared mind and work on innovative solutions.

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6. Lakestar

With over 120 investments to date, Lakestar is one of Berlin’s leading VCs. Since its inception, Lakestar has maintained a strong entrepreneurial spirit and continually worked alongside ambitious founders to create successful companies.

Operating in the early and growth stage, the VC firm targets technologies that shape almost modern life and challenge dependency. Lakestar helps companies identify new markets, expand into them rapidly, and achieve global scale quickly.

7. Lunar Ventures

Lunar Tech is a VC firm focusing on Deep-Tech startups. The early-stage venture capital firm invests in the pre-revenue stage and makes an initial investment of between €300K and €1M. 

They prefer investing in technology startups with a strong R&D background and focusing on building products that will attract the global market. 

The VC firm loves working with the founders as early as possible. That is why they target technical founders who struggle to explain their vision and technical expertise to other investors and back them, enabling them to turn science fiction into reality.

8. Peak Capital

Peak Capital is an early-stage VC firm targeting entrepreneurs who build SaaS and marketplace platforms. The VC firm seeks to be the lead investor, and for each deal, they invest between €250K and €4Million, to help founders realize their visions quicker. They look for teams with clear investment plans and those ready to scale.

Peak reserves the majority of their fund for follow-on rounds. They also support their portfolio founders in raising later rounds. They have built a robust network of investors who have the conviction and will to continue supporting founders from pre-seed to Series B and beyond. 

9. Peppermint

Peppermint Venture Partners is a private VC firm focusing on the healthcare sector. The venture capital firm is based in Berlin, Germany, and supports outstanding founders and innovative scientists who seek to transform the healthcare industry.

The VC firm works with entrepreneurs who venture into disruptive and novel solutions to increase efficiency and improve accessibility. Peppermint Venture Partners works towards improving cost containment and digitizing the healthcare sector and the life science industry.

PVP works with founders and management collaboratively and supports them with unique experiences and a strong network of relevant stakeholders.

10. Point Nine 

Point Nine is undeniably another of Berlin’s top VCs. Its seed-stage VC firm focuses on SaaS and B2B marketplaces. The VC firm invests an initial ticket size ranging between €500K and €5M. The Geo-agnostic VC firm has its headquarters in Berlin, but about 40% of its investments are in the US, Canada, and other countries. 

Focused on helping portfolio companies win, the VC firm works with founders and gets involved in decision-making. They help companies recruit talented teams to develop and formulate a go-to-market strategy. 

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11. Signals

Signals Pre-Seed supports passionate early-stage startup founders with investments of up to €250K. The VC pre-seed focused VC firm targets startups that develop B2B software for small and medium-sized businesses. 

They look for entrepreneurs who have scalable software-based solutions and the potential to generate traction.

Apart from financial investments, the VC firm provides customized mentorship and access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, potential clients, and partnership opportunities. 

Portfolio companies have access to office space, enabling them to concentrate on the essential things. Signals Pre-seed does not take over strategic control. They leave the company’s majority share to the founder and act as mentors.

12. Speedinvest

Speedinvest invests in Technology, health, marketplace, and consumer industries. The VC Firm’s core focus is to empower early-stage startups throughout the business growth journey by providing actionable, aligned, and game-changing support. Their typical investment fall in the range of €700K to €1.3M.  

Their portfolio companies have access to an experienced team of investors and operational experts. Besides, portfolio companies have access to a network of industry players who provide the startups with whatever they need to build successful businesses.

The focused investment teams have deep sector know-how and provide the founders with the assistance they need at the right moment. 

13. System.One

System. One is a pre-seed Venture Capital firm based in Berlin but has a global mindset and reach. The VC firm works with founders who combine early technical ideas with a bold mission and focus on creating solutions that will have a significant impact.

The VC firm helps pre-seed startups create their first product by overcoming the risks associated with the early stage. Therefore, they engage founders when they are just getting started on their new venture. They understand the crazy challenges faced by early-stage founders, and consequently, they want to support them all the way.

14. Target Global

With 165+ investments to date, Target Global is another of Berlin’s top VCs. The VC firm backs ventures across the fintech, healthtech, consumer-enabled SaaS, mobility, and edtech sectors. The VC firm supports promising entrepreneurs from the early stage all the way to IPO or exit.

The venture capitalist nurtures innovative companies into global success stories by providing financial support, strategic advice, and practical support from concept through to exit. Besides, the VC firm supports business growth by linking the founders to strategic partners and customers.  

Target Global has teams located across all the major European cities including Berlin, Barcelona and London.

15. Verve Ventures

Verve ventures is a VC firm looking to partner with passionate and resilient entrepreneurs dedicated to building disruptive technology-driven companies. 

The network and technology-driven venture Firm has invested in science and technology startups across Europe. 

While they mostly make investments in early-stage and growth-stage rounds, their timing varies depending on the industry. They look for companies that show market traction, are technology-proof, and have a complete well-functioning core team.

Verve Ventures focus on European startups and Invest about €60M per year. Their typical investment per firm ranges between €500K and €6M. 

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