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How to find Angel Investors: Top 30 UK Angel Networks [2022]

If you’re looking for investment for your startup, angel investors are a great starting point. Luckily, the UK has one of the largest angel investor pool globally.

In this article we’re looking specifically at UK angel networks: syndicates (groups) of angel investors that get together to invest in high-growth businesses.

We’ve compiled below a list of the top 30 angel investor networks in the UK. Let’s dive in!

What is an Angel Investor?

Also referred to as “angel”, an angel investor is a private individual who has the financial capacity to provide initial capital for a business or a startup. In return for their investment, angels get shares in the company in the form of equity or convertible debt.

Angel investors may sometimes provide a one-time investment to startup businesses in order for them to launch their company. Most often however, angel investors pledge continued financial support: they reinvest in further rounds as the startup scales up, until it makes a profit.

Make no mistake: angels rarely invest out of pure altruism, and their investment is never free money. Instead, angel investors look to generate a profit out of their investment.

Because angels often invest very early on (unlike VC funds – more on that below), they typically look for significant return on investment. A study actually looked at the returns of 3,097 investments by 538 angels worldwide. On average, their return was 2.5 times, meaning an impressive IRR of 27%.

When we think about Angels, we often only refer to high-net-worth individuals yet there are other types of angel investors. Actually there are 4 different types of angels: friends & family members, private individuals, groups of investors, and crowdfunding platforms. For more information on what they are and how they differ from each other, read our article here.

What is an Angel Network?

There are a number of ways to contact, and find angel investors in the UK. In addition to networking and websites like AngelList, FundingPost or Crunchbase, founders can reach out to angel networks as well. But what are they exactly?

An angel network is a fund that is owned and managed by a group of business angels.

Indeed, some angel investors work in groups. This partnership makes it easier to cover a larger geographical area or pull their resources to focus on one specific industry. They also form groups to invest more funding and resources to businesses than they can muster independently. 

What are the Top 30 UK Angel Networks?

We’ve compiled below a list of the 30 most active angel networks in the UK.

NetworkNumber of investorsDeals
(to date)
Size of investments
(to date)
Ticket sizeInvestment focus
Envestors4,6001,839£113M£250k – £2MSector agnostic
24Haymarket100+50£79M£500k – £5MSector agnostic (mostly Consumer, Enterprise SaaS and Health Tech)
Equity Gap120+100£84M£100k – £500kSector agnostic (mostly Consumer, Life Sciences, SaaS and F&B)
Archangels100+113£124M£250k – £1M
Cambridge Angels60+104£248M£50k – £500kTechnology, internet, software & hardware, health tech
Newable (formerly London Business Angels)500+104£95MUnder £500kMed Tech, AI, Space, Robotics and 4IR
Tricapital50+87£70MN/AIT, biomedical, and Engineering
Kelvin Capital250+28£50MTypically 
Sector agnostic
Oxford Investment Opportunity Network N/A50£26M£200k – £2MDisruptive technologies
Angels Den20,000+
(including crowdfunding platform)
41N/A£50k – £1MTechnology
Cambridge Capital Group80+100+£30M£150k – £2MIT, Cleantech, and Medtech
AscensionN/A31£46MN/ASector agnostic
Clearly Social AngelsN/A30£19M£300k – £1.5MPositive social impact businesses
Advantage Business AngelsN/A200£30M£50k – £500kSector agnostic
Angel AcademeN/A35N/A£70k – £350kFemale-led tech businesses
AngelClubRCAN/A90N/A£40k – £250kSector agnostic
Angels in MedCity500+43£14M £50k – £250kHealth Tech
(incl. VC fund)
(incl. VC fund)
£50k – £500kFemale-led tech businesses
Dorset Business Angels50+35+N/A£50k – £1MSouthern England (sector agnostic)
FIGN/A17N/A£50k – £5MSector agnostic
Firestartr50+43£110MN/ASector agnostic
FSE GroupN/A734
(including fund)
(including fund)
£10k – £50kSector agnostic
Gabriel Investment SyndicateN/A12£30M£25k – £250kScotland-located tech businesses
Galvanise CapitalN/A14N/A£150k – £1MMarketing, Advertising, Data & Analytics
Green Angel Syndicate300+28£14MN/ABusinesses fighting against climate change
HBANN/A25+N/A€100k -€500kMedTech, Software & Tech, F&B, CleanTech
Investing WomenN/A21N/AN/AFemale-led tech businesses
Minerva Business Angel NetworkN/A99£16MN/ASector agnostic
NorthInvest13314£5M+£25k – £1MPrimarily FinTech, Cyber, MedTech, Media
DSW Angels100+7£4.5M£250k – £1MSoftware, digital and other tech

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