Ukraine’s Top 6 Startup Accelerators & Incubators [2023]

Are you looking for capital and/or mentorship for your startup? Beyond funding, Ukraine’s startup accelerators and incubators also offer founders incredible valuable support for product development, sales and marketing.

Whether you are looking to find a co-founder, build your MVP and/or get the seed money you need to scale up, accelerators and incubators are the way to go.

In this article we have listed our top picks for Ukraine’s best startup accelerators and incubators. So, if you haven’t yet started to apply, here is a good place to start learning about them.

This article is part of a series where we present you the top startup incubators and accelerators across Europe. For Eastern Europe, check out our rankings for Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic and Poland.

Top 6 Startup Accelerators & Incubators in Ukraine

Here’s a summary of our top 6 picks for the best startup accelerators and incubators in Ukraine (in alphabetical order):

NameAccelerator or incubator?Program lengthInvestment sizeSector focus
1991 Open Data IncubatorIncubatorUndisclosedUndisclosedOpen Data, ITC, B2C, B2B
Blue LakeAccelerator3 monthsUndisclosedSector Agnostic
EITIncubator8 weeks€25,000Digital Industry, Healthtech, Fintech, Smart Cities
eō Business IncubatorIncubator4 months$10,000Sector agnostic
ISE Corporate AcceleratorAccelerator3 – 12 monthsUndisclosedSector agnostic
Startup Wise GuysAccelerator6 months€100,000+Sector agnostic

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1. 1991 Open Data Incubator

1991 Open Data Incubator is an NGO that turns civic IT initiatives into successful start-ups in Ukraine. They welcome all tech innovations from ordinary citizens, corporate entities and governmental institutions.

Also, they offer pre-seed and seed investment to the start-ups with the best ideas and then, mentor them all throughout the program and even when they are fully launched.

In the first 3 years of operation alone, 1991 Open Data Incubator managed to run 10 national hackathons and various regional events, with more than 1,000 people signed up for their SocialBoost program, where over 800 ideas were generated from it and 20 projects were funded.

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2. Blue Lake

Blue Lake Accelerator is an initiative of the Ukrainian Startup Fund, which seeks to assist in the development of Ukrainian early-stage firms.

Their 3-month acceleration program includes seed funding, business coaching, mentorship support, coworking office space and other perks.

So if you are the founder of your start-up company and you have a minimum viable product (MVP), a complete founding team, international goals and early traction, then you should participate in this program.

3. EIT

EIT Digital is one of the top European incubators spearheading Europe’s digital transformation and is powered by digital innovation and entrepreneurial education.

Although clearly positioned on digital sectors, EIT Digital’s focus is varied and includes Industry, Smart Cities, Health tech, digital Infrastructure and Fintech.

Startups that participate in their 8-week incubator program get €25,000 in funding, in addition to discount perks and other benefits.

4. eō Business Incubator

eō Business Incubator is a world-class mentor-driven incubation program created for Ukrainain start-ups. 

Their intensive 4-month curriculum, customized to each participant, help Ukrainian startups with innovative products with a large potential impact on Ukraine’s economy and beyond.

Moreover, the incubation program offers $10,000 initial investment. In addition to funding, they also offer startups business coaching and mentoring sessions, coworking office space, access to millions of euros worth of facilities and equipment, and other perks are also on the table.

Finally, startups can also benefit from follow on investment rounds as they progress and become part of eō Business Incubator’s own investment portfolio.

5. ISE Corporate Accelerator

ISE Corporate Accelerator is one of Ukraine’s top startup accelerators.

As its name suggests, ISE runs a corporate innovation accelerator, but it isn’t just for corporates. Indeed, ISE also runs a startup accelerator for early stage companies.

First, startups present their innovative idea and if good enough, then they go to the pre-seed investment stage where they receive funding for their project to come up with a prototype.

Finally, if the prototype is validated, then startups receive another seed investment plus mentoring to launch their product or service into the Ukrainian market, and beyond.

6. Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys (SWG) is a famous B2B start-up accelerator with multiple locations across Europe. Their chapter in Ukraine is specifically designed for companies in sustainability technology industries.

Established in Estonia in 2012, SWG has already helped accelerate more than 500 early-stage companies that are now all part of their alumni portfolio.

SWG is proud to have accelerated start-up founders from more than 40 countries across the globe with a survivability rate of above 77 percent.

Get more than €100,000 in funding for Ukrainian-based start-ups for your start-up project and enjoy the perks of being in their 6-month acceleration program, where you will get the best business training and mentoring.

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📈 5-year pro forma financial model

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