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Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Memphis, TN [2023]

Whether you are raising seed, Series A or higher, in this article we have listed our top picks of the best venture capital firms in Memphis, each with their industry focus and investment size.

So, if you haven’t yet started to reach out, here is a good place to start learning about them.

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Top 3 Venture Capital Firms In Memphis, TN

Here’s a summary of our top 3 picks for the best venture capital firms in Memphis, Tennessee (in alphabetical order):

NameSector focusInvestment stageInvestment rangeInvestments
Dobbs Equity PartnersDistribution, Industrial, Healthcare, ManufacturingSeries A+$3M to $25M15
InnovaHealthtech, Bioscience, AgTechSeed, Series AUndisclosed100+
MB Venture PartnersMedical Devices and BiotechSeed to Series A+Undisclosed41

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1. Dobbs Equity Partners

Dobbs Equity Partners is a well-known venture capital firm located in Memphis that offers Series A+ funding to companies operating in the Distribution, Industrial, Healthcare, Maintenance & Repair, Manufacturing, and Business Franchise sectors.

The firm usually writes a check of anywhere between $3M and $25M. However, it is necessary for businesses to have a robust, established, and defensible business model. Also, the companies looking for investments from Dobbs Equity Partners must have a strong management team.

So far, this venture firm has invested in 15 companies, some of which are Finishing Innovations, The Universal Group, Alliance Veterinary Centers, and Diamond Specialty, among others.

2. Innova

Memphis-based Innova is yet another famous venture capital firm that is known for offering Seed and Series A investments to startups operating in the Healthcare, Technology, and AgTech sectors.

Innova never discloses the exact investment amount. However, this venture capital firm looks for companies that have high-growth potential and have strong IP or other competitive advantages over their competitors.

Apart from the funds, Innova also offers hands-on mentorship and experienced leadership to its portfolio companies.

So far, Innova has invested in 100+ companies, some of which are Advanced Catheter Therapies, Handminder, NCrease, Service Bot Software, AgriSync, and HerdDogg, among others.

3. MB Venture Partners

MB Venture Partners is another famed venture capital firm operational in Memphis. They usually invest in companies working in the Medical Devices and Biotech sectors. However, MB Venture Partners has a special interest in product solutions trying to address musculoskeletal diseases.

This venture capital firm has deep experience in these fields and hence, offers guidance and proper mentorship to its portfolio companies. Unfortunately, the firm never discloses the exact investment amount anywhere on its site.

So far, MB Venture Partners has invested in 41 companies, some of which are Lineus Medical, EcoSurg, Hubble Telemedical, Compression Kinetics, Salient Surgical Technologies, and Expanding Orthopedics, among others.