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This template is the greatest thing ever​



This template is the greatest thing ever. It saves me so much time and is far more accurate and thought through than any financial model I have built on my own so far. You can’t be better prepared than this when you’re talking to investors.

Customer support is fuck**g amazing



Customer support is fuck**g amazing. Got an email back reply to explain everything right and Remi made his best to help me in terms adapting the model to our needs.

I would have paid 5x the cost based on the time it saved me​



This is a must-have in your tool kit for start-up planning and presenting. If you fail to ignore the value of good financial models – you risk crashing and burning or failing to raise money. I would have paid 5X the cost based on the time it saved me

Have been using it since 2020​



Great, clean templates for any start-up! The follow-on video guides also make it very easy to understand (for novices). Been using the templates since 2020 and they have made my start-up journey so much easier! The customer experience is also unparalleled!

A must for any startup founder!



A must for any startup founder!
Useful resource to help one think about a financial plan without having to stress on the actual modelling in excel!
Remi is also always happy to jump in and explain concepts/help.

Rarely do you find a service that exceeds your expectations​



Excellent financial models at great value. If you are serious about launching and building a business, I would highly recommend. Rarely do you find a service or online purchase these days that exceeds your expectations

Customer service is top notch



The template was very detailed and very good. Customer service is top notch. Rémi addressed all follow up questions as promised. Would highly recommend.

If you’re even considering buying I’d say it’s probably worth the investment



Excellent Product: The template contains a intelligently automated model that will serve for the vast majority of businesses. The design makes it easy to customise for your assumptions. Whilst SharpSheets must compete with numerous free templates on the web, if you’re serious about getting a good result it is worth the investment.

Excellent Customer service: This is where the company stands out. When you purchase a template, of course you will have doubts around it’s suitability for your situation or your ability to use it. As others here have mentioned, Remi comes to the rescue in the blink of a professional’s eye. In our case taking about 1-hour to reply, providing detailed help to a complex question, at 10pm during a public holiday.

We saved hours of time and got a great outcome. If you’re even considering buying I’d say it’s probably worth the investment.

Would highly recommend



For any founder looking to build a comprehensive financial model to include as part of a pitch deck, I would highly recommend

Fantastic tool



Fantastic tool to help guide your forecasting efforts! Great customer service from the team as well!

As an E-Com Expert I can 100% recommend it



Great tool, it is mind-blowing how accurate the models calculates everything. I actually put in live data and compared it to my live revenue. Its 100% accurate, without knowing my real revenue. As an E-Com Expert I can 100% recommend it.

Saved me so much time! You’re making a huge mistake not using this!



Incredible user experience! Thoughtful development through and through. Saved me so much time! You’re making a huge mistake not using this!!!

Big thanks to the support team



Big thanks to the support team : for someone who doesn’t use excel so often there are things for which we would have needed a bit more explanation so 4/5. But again – all our questions were answered in no time so clearly they know their stuff

Solid spreadsheet template​



solid spreadsheet template: your pro forma financial statements are already built and easy to customize further

This is exactly what you should send to your bank

victor m



If your bank asked you for a business plan, this is exactly what you should send them. We used this service for our SBA loan for a Dunkin franchise. Some of the concepts are difficult to grasp if you aren’t an accountant but the tuto helps and customer support is top notch

Solid business plan tool




We purchased the coworking business plan for our company. The plan is very detailed but easy to understand as an entrepreneur who doesn’t have much experience with finance overall. And if you have any questions, CS is top notch!!

Perfect for a business plan

nick arrellano



We purchased a business plan from this site. If you are looking to understand things like your breakeven, profits, revenues, etc then the template has it all.

Amazing product



SharpSheets is an amazing product…

The product is easy to comprehend and customize to suite your needs. Most importantly, the support we have received has been excellent and timely. My purchase of this product is truly money well spent and I am very happy about it. Please keep up with your excellent support…

I had a minor emergency where I thought…

Ricardo Warfield


I had a minor emergency where I thought an error in my file would cause me to understate financials in a call I’m hosting later today. I didn’t expect to hear back from the email help team until next week for sure. Within 10 minutes of sending the email, I received a very clear and concise response from Remi who’s working after-hours this weekend to ensure customers are taken care of. He resolved the issue quickly and got me back on the way with my day. Thanks Remi!

Easy to use financial model that can be customised with a quick turnaround!



SharpSheets financial model is a great tool for the founders. It is quick, economical, dynamic and comes ready to plug the numbers. Remi’s experience in the start-up space is quite helpful as he understood our requirements with minimal explanation. Remi was clear in his communication and provided a quick turnaround on the customisation. The tool is easy to use and doesn’t require any learning. Highly recommend SharpSheets. All the best.

Incredible support!



We needed to add a small revenue stream to our model which wasn’t part of the software business template. Remi and his team replied within the hour and sent us a new version free of charge, incredible support!

Can't stress enough how this spreadsheet made my life easier!



Can’t stress enough how this spreadsheet made my life easier! If you have money to spend on fancy finance SAAS budgeting tools surely you can use that instead but if you need a solid financial model at a reasonable price for raising capital, no doubt this is what you need.

Solid financial model template



Solid financial model template for franchises including all the relevant costs, fees and revenue estimates you would find in the Franchise Document.

Good value financial model templates



Good value financial model templates. Probably what you would get if you were to spend a few hundred on Fiverr.

I can wholeheartedly recommend sharpsheets!



They created interesting tables and dashboards that helped us understand things like our break even point, where we spend our cash, the ROI for our investors etc. I can wholeheartedly recommend sharpsheets!

Much better financial model templates that you would typically find online



Much better financial model templates that you would typically find online (paid or free). Also support is unparalleled.

Remi goes the extra mile to help



IF we had to rate the template, I would give a 4 as it could be more comprehensive and we found limitations. If we were to rate support 5/5 – remi goes the extra mile to help. At least that’s our experience. Thank you

Super template



Super template. Very happy with the service!

OK if you need a template to save you time



OK if you need a template to save you time and headaches instead of building it yourself. But we found there were some limitations (as you would expect in a template) for example: depreciation schedule could be differentated between fixed assets vs vehicles, more roles in the hiring plan, etc

The mobile app financial template is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING



The mobile app financial template is amazing. Remi is fantastic. We went back and forth a few times over email in maybe 2 days and I received some incredibly helpful feedback (and some work even done by Remi) that helped me tailor the template to my business. Would recommend 11 times out of 10!

5 Stars to Remi and his amazing support



What a fantastic service. Of course the products are great but when you need help, you get it instantly and with concise notes to get your problem fixed. Shout out to Remi for a long day of back and forths!

Top-shelf SaaS modeling and service



Both SharpSheets and its founder, Remi, are superb. His models are the first to make sense to me because they clearly isolate the key variables and assumptions that drive a given business. His models are clean, professional, and investor-ready.

Morever, his service is outstanding. He replies to questions promptly, clearly, and thoroughly.

If you’re trying to get a handle on an industry he’s modelled, do yourself an inexpensive favor and buy the sophisticated understanding he’s selling.