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Financial advisory service for franchises

Our team will prepare a financial plan customized for your franchise using the latest Franchise Disclosure Document
Customer support is top notchVictor Marks
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If your bank asked you for a business plan, this is exactly what you should send them. We used this service for our SBA loan for a Dunkin franchise. Some of the concepts are difficult to grasp if you aren't an accountant but the tuto helps and customer support is top notch
Excellent product
Excellent productJohn Barlow
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Excellent product. The best customer service. I hold an MBA and a JD and I know quality work when I see it. This product meets the demands required for fund raising and would easily stand up in court if needed. Don't hesitate on the purchase, the cost value cannot be beat or duplicated.
It proved invaluable for our SBA loan application
It proved invaluable for our SBA loan applicationTalon Mowbray
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As a franchise owner, I found SharpSheets' financial model somewhat complex, especially without a finance background. However, it proved invaluable for our SBA loan application for our franchise. The tutorials and customer support were incredibly helpful in navigating the more challenging aspects. While it's not the simplest tool out there, its quality is undeniable and, as someone already said here, would no doubt stand up in court.

What IS IT

Your franchise financial plan is a Excel document that includes everything you need in a financial plan for a SBA loan application.


The projections are customized for your franchise: they are based on the latest Franchise Disclosure Document

We footnote every assumption we use in your financial model, and where it comes from (Item 5, Item 7, etc.) for complete transparence.

What if the franchise does not give much information?

Some franchisors do not disclose much data in their FDD.
If so, we use industry benchmarks from a database of 1,500+ franchises financial data. That way, you have a rock-solid financial plan based on verified, up-to-date and realistic assumptions.
a financial plan for a franchise

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Yes it is. All lenders require a financial plan, yet their demands vary:

  • Some will only ask you for your Profit-and-Loss statement, others for your 3 financial statements.
  • Some will require 3 years projections, others 5 years.

We prepare a 5-year financial plan for your franchise so that you can send it to your bank, either as an Excel document or a PDF printout. You have everything you need to get funded.

All our financial models can either be used with Excel or Google Sheets.

Our financial plans are easy-to-use. We provide a 15 minutes video tutorial to run you through your financial plan.


If any questions or doubts, contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Yes we do. We provide free lifetime email support, period.

We also provide a separate onboarding service.