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We offer free email support, period.

Do you need help with one of our templates? Or perhaps you have a few questions before you purchase one?


All our templates come with a lifetime free email support (under 24 hours).


All our templates come with a free lifetime email support. As such, we will answer any questions you have on how to use your template via email, under 24 hours (5 days a week).


Our team can also help you fine tune the assumptions of your template to make it your own, for example how to change inputs in your financial model template to create financial projections for your business. Just send us your financial model or business plan template and we review it for errors and inconsistencies. 

Yes you can. All our financial model and business plan templates are fully editable.


We actually strongly recommend to review the assumptions and inputs in your template to make it your own. For example:

  • Business plans: we recommend to change your specific business information (business name, location, management team, financial projections)
  • Financial models: we recommend to review the assumptions in the “Settings” sheet and change them accordingly for your own business projections.

Please note we only offer email support for any questions pre purchase.

Our email support is free, always. Yet we do charge US$150 per hour for phone and video support. 


If this is what you need, please contact us to arrange a time for us to speak.

Yes we do. If you need help customizing your financial model (as in adding or removing features that are not part of the original template), our team can help. 

Note that we call these customizations (any features you want us to build that aren’t part of the original template).

We charge US$175 per hour for customizations. Contact us for a quote for your project.

The short answer is no. Since these templates are digital products, it is impossible for us to retrieve the template once you have downloaded at least once on your computer.


Note that we offer free samples for most of our products which can be downloaded before purchase. This allows you to have a look at the structure and the level of information we include in all our business plans and financial models.


This explains why less than 1% of our customers ever ask us for a refund.


That being said, if you are unhappy with your purchase, we will always do our best to make it work for you, either by: offering another template for free, helping you to use and/or customize your template so that it works for you. 


If we can’t find an arrangement, we will offer refunds exceptionally when, for example:

  • You have purchased but you have not yet downloaded the document to your computer; or
  • You have rightfully be misled by an element on our website.