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1 Hour Onboarding Service

US$ 200

Leverage your SharpSheets financial model and be prepared in front of investors and banks. 

It’s a 1 hour screenshare video call where we help you customize your financial model, based on our experience reviewing hundreds of financial models over the past 5 years.

Vetted by professionals at leading organizations


All our financial model templates are already built. That’s why most users do not require any onboarding. The template and our free email support are enough for them to get the financial model they need. 


This onboarding service is an additional service we provide to customers who need hands-on assistance to understand and customize their template.

Trusted by 12,000+ entrepreneurs, consultants and investors

This template is the greatest thing ever​Sophie
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This template is the greatest thing ever. It saves me so much time and is far more accurate and thought through than any financial model I have built on my own so far. You can’t be better prepared than this when you’re talking to investors.
Excellent product
Excellent productJohn
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Excellent product. The best customer service. I hold an MBA and a JD and I know quality work when I see it. This product meets the demands required for fund raising and would easily stand up in court if needed. Don't hesitate on the purchase, the cost value cannot be beat or duplicated.
So thorough
So thoroughAntonia
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We needed a thorough sheet to project our startup SaaS' finances end to end. We found SharpSheets to be the "sharpest" and most comprehensive forecasting tool available. Remi and team were able to customize some features in the model specific to our company, that was so helpful. We saved so much time using their model. Worth every dollar!
Highly recommended!!
Highly recommended!!Ron
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We purchased a SAAS template which was impressive and sold at a low cost (other products on the market are much more expensive and less functional). Our firm has a complicated business model and Remi provided extensive customization at a reasonable cost.
Big thanks to the support team
Big thanks to the support teamGustavo
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Big thanks to the support team : for someone who doesn't use excel so often there are things for which we would have needed a bit more explanation so 4/5. But again - all our questions were answered in no time so clearly they know their stuff
Costs 10x less than what you'd pay a CPA
Costs 10x less than what you'd pay a CPAVivi
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We found this website as we were looking for a financial modeling expert. After some discussions w Remi via email we purchased a template that cost us probably 10 times less what we would have paid to a CPA in the first place.
I am a repeat buyer of SharpsheetsAlphaTango
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The clarity and simplicity is a key reason and the fact that Remi is remarkably helpful so it means they can be tailored to my requirements. In a market flooded with templates it’s not necessarily a good idea to pick up a free one if it does not address your requirements and have to build from scratch. A paid version helps to ensure someone has done the hard work so you can focus on your business.
Great model
Great modelEmerson
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It's important to highlight that one must check the assumptions built in the model. Of course it would be easier to send it as is to your bank but you would want to make sure these assumptions are in line with your strategy and your business. Apart from that, a great model.
Top-shelf modeling and service
Top-shelf modeling and serviceJoe
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Both SharpSheets and its founder, Remi, are superb. His models are clean, professional, and investor-ready. If you're trying to get a handle on an industry he's modelled, do yourself an inexpensive favor and buy the sophisticated understanding he's selling.
Can't stress enough how this spreadsheet made my life easier!
Can't stress enough how this spreadsheet made my life easier!Harry
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Can't stress enough how this spreadsheet made my life easier! If you have money to spend on fancy finance budgeting tools surely you can use that instead but if you need a solid financial model at a reasonable price for raising capital, no doubt this is what you need.
The sharpsheets templates are a cut above the rest.
The sharpsheets templates are a cut above the rest. Isabell
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The sharpsheets templates are a cut above the rest. We bought a template from another website - that was a mess. This platform seems to stand out with its clean and well-presented templates, and the team support as well (the founder Remi) who is here to help.
Great service!
Great service!Giavanna
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We got the Tim Hortons franchise pro forma model. The model wasn't updated at first with the 2023 franchise document. We shared it with the team and did it for free in no time. Great service!