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Car Wash Business Plan



Rated 4.6/5 from 5,900+ downloads

Fully editable and complete business plan template for car wash businesses to raise funding from investors or a bank

📈 20 pages already completed

📊 Fully editable

💵 Updated market data

📞 Free support

All you need to get funded

Designed by CPAs and investment bankers for entrepreneurs, our financial model templates are easy to use and include everything you need to raise funds from investors or a bank

All our templates include your 3 pro forma financial statements, as well as 20+ reports and charts for your pitch deck or business plan 


5-year pro forma financial projections

✅ Profit-and-loss (P&L)
✅ Cash flow statement
✅ Balance sheet

profit and loss of a franchise business plan

Break-even point and cash balance

Monitor your cash balance to assess when you will turn a profit, how much time do you spend to get there and how much you eventually need to raise

✅ When will you turn a profit?
✅ What is your cash burn?
✅ How much do you need to raise?

cash balance

Use of funds

Monitor the biggest expense categories to improve your business profitability and assess where you spend your (or your investors’) money

✅ Where do you spend money?
✅ What are the most important expenses of your business?

use of funds

Sources and uses

Play with the sources and uses of your business plan to understand who funds and what

✅ How much equity are you raising from investors?
✅ How much debt do you need to raise from a bank?
✅ What are your startup costs?

sources and uses of a financial model template

Business valuation

Our business valuation report helps you assess a valuation for your franchise.

✅ What is your business valuation?
✅ What is the valuation multiple of your business?
✅ How much equity percentage do you need to give to investors?

Valuation report of a franchise business plan


Build financial projections in minutes

download to excel


After purchase, download your template to Excel or Google Sheets


No need to be a finance expert. All your 3 pro forma financial statements are already built and easy to understand


All our templates are fully editable. Safely change any assumptions without breaking the model


Get free support

Need help to use your template? You’re not sure whether your projections are investor-ready? 

We got you covered. Just send us your financial model and we’ll help you out for free

We can also help you modify the template for a fee. Contact us for more information


5,900+ downloads and counting

This template is the greatest thing ever​




This template is the greatest thing ever. It saves me so much time and is far more accurate and thought through than any financial model I have built on my own so far. You can’t be better prepared than this when you’re talking to investors.

Customer support is fuck**g amazing




Customer support is fuck**g amazing. Got an email back reply to explain everything right and Remi made his best to help me in terms adapting the model to our needs.

I would have paid 5x the cost based on the time it saved me​


United States


This is a must-have in your tool kit for start-up planning and presenting. If you fail to ignore the value of good financial models – you risk crashing and burning or failing to raise money. I would have paid 5X the cost based on the time it saved me

Have been using it since 2020​


United States


Great, clean templates for any start-up! The follow-on video guides also make it very easy to understand (for novices). Been using the templates since 2020 and they have made my start-up journey so much easier! The customer experience is also unparalleled!

A must for any startup founder!




A must for any startup founder!
Useful resource to help one think about a financial plan without having to stress on the actual modelling in excel!
Remi is also always happy to jump in and explain concepts/help.

Rarely do you find a service that exceeds your expectations​


United Kingdom


Excellent financial models at great value. If you are serious about launching and building a business, I would highly recommend. Rarely do you find a service or online purchase these days that exceeds your expectations

Customer service is top notch


United Kingdom


The template was very detailed and very good. Customer service is top notch. Rémi addressed all follow up questions as promised. Would highly recommend.

If you’re even considering buying I’d say it’s probably worth the investment


United States


Excellent Product: The template contains a intelligently automated model that will serve for the vast majority of businesses. The design makes it easy to customise for your assumptions. Whilst SharpSheets must compete with numerous free templates on the web, if you’re serious about getting a good result it is worth the investment.

Excellent Customer service: This is where the company stands out. When you purchase a template, of course you will have doubts around it’s suitability for your situation or your ability to use it. As others here have mentioned, Remi comes to the rescue in the blink of a professional’s eye. In our case taking about 1-hour to reply, providing detailed help to a complex question, at 10pm during a public holiday.

We saved hours of time and got a great outcome. If you’re even considering buying I’d say it’s probably worth the investment.


Building your model does not require any financial modelling knowledge as all the logic, formulas and charts are already built.
Yet, we always strongly recommend to have at least a basic understanding of Excel to use our templates, especially if you plan to make changes to the template.

Yes. All our templates are fully editable.

No. There are no macros or hidden formulas. All our templates are spreadsheets built with all the common Excel formulas, nothing else.

All our templates can be accessed either with Google Sheets or Excel.

Of course! Please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Yes, we provide free email support via email at

We are GMT (London) hence please bear with us and we will catch up as soon as we are back online!

Yes. Our templates are fully editable, you can change many assumptions including the currency of your business.

By purchasing the template on our website, you will receive an email from us including your template, and some instructions on how to use it.

Yes. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Payments are powered by Stripe and Paypal. All transactions are secured and your card payment information encrypted and sent directly to Stripe and Paypal, no payment details are stored on our website.

Unfortunately no. Unlike a physical product where you can send it back to the seller, because it is a digital product you can still use it after refund. This makes it quite difficult for us to manage honest refund requests.

If you have any questions about the templates, please contact us so we can guide you and answer any questions you have.

No, we do not charge VAT.

Yes. Please send us an email at along with your order ID and we will gladly send you an invoice for your purchase.