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About us

We are a team of investment bankers and finance professionals

Founded in 2020, SharpSheets is a platform where you will find a library of financial and business plan templates for a number of of industries, from tech startups to small businesses and franchises

Our templates are built by experts: we are a team of former investment banking professionals with experience in different sectors (primarily technology, services, food & beverage and real estate)

Originally aimed at tech startups, we expanded in 2021 to include many different industries such as healthcare, services, food & beverage and other small businesses and franchises

Whether you are looking to raise funding and need a financial plan for investors or simply to create a budget for your business, our financial model templates are made for entrepreneurs, investors and consultants like you


Remi G.

Hi, I'm Remi

I founded SharpSheets in 2020 after spending over 7 years in investment banking in London

After a short stunt as a founder myself, and working as a consultant for tech entrepreneurs, I decided to start a website to offer clean, easy to understand and rock-solid financial plan templates for entrepreneurs

Our goal is to offer entrepreneurs financial plan templates and tools of the same quality we use in investment banking to larger businesses, whilst keeping it easy to use and understandable for anyone

Any questions, feel free to connect, I’d love to hear from you