About us

We are a team of investment banking and CPA professionals

Founded in 2020, SharpSheets is a financial modelling platform with 500+ downloadable financial model templates built by experts (“spreadsheets”) 

Every day, our team also publish business finance (quality) content on our blog. Today we have 1,000+ free resources attracting thousands of readers every day

5,900+ downloads

from entrepreneurs, franchisees, investors and consultants like you

1,000+ free resources

spanning startup finance, franchises, venture capital and everything in between



Founder, Excel wiz, support and a little bit of everything


After 6 years in investment banking in London and a short stunt as a startup GM and founder, I came back to finance and founded SharpSheets in 2020

My goal has always been to offer clean, easy-to-use financial model templates for entrepreneurs and of the same quality we use in investment banking

3 years later we now have a team of 10 people overseeing marketing, support and tech. I’m still the one behind the spreadsheets and replying to customer tickets every day

Any questions, hit me up 👋