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Startup Pitch Deck: the Market Slide [+ Examples]

Are you building a pitch deck for your startup? Make sure to include in your pitch deck a strong Market slide that explains clearly how big your market is.

In this series of articles we show you how to create a stunning pitch deck for your startup.

The Market slide explained

The market slide is a very important slide of your pitch deck. Indeed, that’s where you tell investors how big the market you are playing in is.

If you are operating in a niche market, chances are that you will face some challenges: the information might not be publicly available.

In any case, you should be able to make a high-level estimation of your market. Read our article on market sizing and how to estimate TAM, SAM and SOM for your startup.

When looking for these metrics, you have multiple sources of information: public reports, specialised press, etc. Even public companies publish press releases and annual reports including some of their proprietary market estimates so be sure to look there too.

Beyond today’s market size, what investors really want to see is how your market will evolve in the future. Will your market triple in size over the next few years because of technological advancements? Did a macro-event triggered the creation of a new market deemed to represent billions of dollars in 5 years (the same way Covid created plenty of business opportunities in the remove working space).

Remember: it’s always good to have a large market to address, yet don’t use irrelevant market size numbers either. It’s absolutely fine if your are playing in a smaller niche market too, as long as you can prove you can capture a significant market share.

Pitch Deck Market slide examples