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Vancouver’s Top 14 Venture Capital Firms [2023]

With $4 billion raised in 2021 alone, a +316% increase vs. 2020, British Columbia is Canada’s 2nd top province for startups (close behind Toronto at $5.2 billion). No wonder that Vancouver’s venture capital firms are among the best in Canada.

In addition to funding, Vancouver’s venture capital firms often also offer founders valuable support for hiring, product development, sales and marketing.

In this article we have listed our top picks for the best venture capital firms in Vancouver. So, if you haven’t yet started to reach out, here is a good place to start learning about them.

Note: this article is part of a series where we present you the top Venture Capital firms across the world. Have a look at the complete list here.

Top 14 Venture Capital Firms In Vancouver

Here’s a summary of our top 14 picks for Vancouver’s best venture capital firms for startups (in alphabetical order):

NameSector focusRoundInvestment sizeInvestment
7 Gate VenturesEnterprise Software, Marketplaces, HealthTech and Medical DevicesSeedUndisclosed24
BDC Venture CapitalDeeptech, Industry, Cleantech, HealthtechSeed, Series AUndisclosed503
CE Venture CapitalCleantech, Biotech, HealthtechSeed, Series A, A+Undisclosed34
Chrysalix Energy Venture CapitalCapital intensive businesses: Industry, Transportation, etc.Seed, Series A,$2M-$15M83
Lumira VenturesBiotech, Medtech, HealthtechSeed, Series AUndisclosed81
Pangaea VenturesAdvanced materials, energy and environmental technology companiesSeed StageUndisclosed60
Pender VenturesTechnologySeed, Series AUndisclosed15
Quark VentureBiotech, HealthtechSeed, Series AUndisclosed31
Renewal FundsEnvironment, GreentechSeed, Series AUndisclosed40
Rhino VenturesTechnologySeed, Series A$500K – $5M28
ScaleUpTechnologySeed, Series AUndisclosed42
Vanedge CapitalHardtech, Analytics, Computational BiologySeed, Series AUndisclosed53
Versant VenturesHealthcareSeries A, A+Undisclosed353
Yaletown PartnersTechnologySeed Stage$500K – $2.5M74

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7 Gate Ventures

7 Gate Ventures is a Vancouver-based VC firm investing in early-stage startups from the pre-seed to Series A stages.  The VC firm backs innovative founders focusing on the technology vertical. They look for founders venturing into enterprise software, marketplaces, health tech, and medical devices.

The VC firm was founded in 2015 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology and operational expertise. The VC firm provides founders access to crucial industry connections with decades of international venture-building experience and foresight to strategize effectively and scale new businesses. 

BDC Venture Capital

BDC Venture Capital is Canada’s most active capital investor helping technology innovators build excellent companies. The VC firm brings years of experience building Powerhouse Canadian technology companies. They are committed to backing the underserved sectors and connecting founders by opening doors and providing opportunities where others don’t. 

The BDC Venture Capital funds present entrepreneurs with diverse opportunities for innovating in new and existing markets. Their venture funds include:

  • Deep tech venture fund
  • Women in technology venture fund
  • Industrial, clean, and energy technology venture fund
  • Growth venture Co-investment fund

Besides financial investments, the Vc firm provides entrepreneurs advisory services to help them build successful ventures.  

CE Venture Capital

CE Venture Capital is a multi-stage investor focused on helping founders strategically grow, scale, and accelerate towards the customer. Therefore, the Vc firm aligns with the big thinkers supported by high-quality teams and working on driving revolutionary ideas and innovative products and services

They back visionary founders with innovative ideas, enabling them to leverage their ecosystem and reach their fullest potential.

The VC firm aims at accelerating portfolio companies by providing them with cross-border opportunities and connecting them to industry leaders. They help identify, analyze, evaluate, and execute new market opportunities.

CE Venture Capital has an active presence in Vancouver, Calgary, and Hangzhou. 


Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital invests in companies focusing on building intelligent systems energy technology. The look for founders who provide productivity solutions to help in delivering outsized financial returns and environmental sustainability.

The VC supports startups to build and achieve more extensive and accelerated outcomes. Their input includes providing unique market insight and sophisticated go-to-market strategies. They introduce founders to customers, partners, and other investors and help them build top talent.

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital looks for founders venturing into attractive markets and business models that compel customers and have a high-level value proposition. Ideally, they are after creating a sustainable competitive advantage and helping founders start a strong team. 

Lumira Ventures

Lumira Ventures is a venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs in building life science companies that will transform patients’ lives globally. The VC firm has years of experience founding, managing, and investing in healthcare and life science companies. They look for founders ready to collaborate and deploy their creativity and conventional wisdom in improving the industry.

Lumira Ventures identifies innovative startups within and outside the traditional startup hub and helps them access capital, talent, and strategic partners.

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Pangaea Ventures invests in entrepreneurs who figure out solutions to solve the world’s most fundamental problems using advanced materials. The VC firm backs entrepreneurs by providing venture capital and strategic advisory to help them build successful businesses. Besides, Pangaea Ventures works closely with world-leading strategic limited partners who bring diverse market and industry knowledge.

The VC firm invests in companies that combine chemistry, biology, and physics with engineering and hardware to make entirely new materials and solve fundamental challenges that impact the globe. They invest at the early stages and support entrepreneurs throughout their business lifecycle.  

Pender Ventures

Pender Ventures is a group of dedicated and experienced technology investors. The VC firm brings together entrepreneurs and technologists with decades of experience investing in high-growth technology companies. 

The venture investor works alongside entrepreneurs and management teams, helping them execute plans and achieve business success. Their focus is technically on the businesses that deliver actual returns on investment and achieve tangible impact.

Pender Ventures invests in companies or startups with a commercialized product with an early customer or partner revenue. They support companies that have attained market validation but require capital to accelerate business growth. 

Quark Venture

Established in 2016, Quark Venture is a capital investor with headquarters in Vancouver. The VC firm invests in innovative biotechnology companies and health sciences companies working on creating breakthrough technology platforms and projects.

The VC firm aims at supporting the growth of investee companies. Therefore, they connect founders to a network of experts and focus on creating long-term relationships to strengthen management teams and enable them to realize the full potential and value of technology. 

Renewal Funds

Renewal Funds is a mission-focused venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

The VC firm backs innovations that work towards advancing the sustainability of food, water, and climate sustainability and contributing to a safer and cleaner planet. Therefore, their portfolio comprises two sectors, namely environmental innovation and sustainable consumer products. Their investments focus on energy, water, mobility, food, and sustainable agricultural projects.

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Rhino Ventures

Rhino Ventures is a founder-friendly VC firm focused on near-term or in revenue businesses with low burn rates and building a solid cash-flow reserve. 

The capital investment firm looks for companies with a durable competitive advantage that work on solving complex problems. They look for opportunities to add tangible value through providing access to a network of logical partners, talent acquisition, and scaling or growth pain points.

Rhino Ventures invests at the pre-seed stage through to series A. Their typical investments fall in the range of $500K to $5M, and they seek to lead investment rounds. 


ScaleUp ventures is a venture capital firm focusing on providing entrepreneurs access to capital and connections to founders and industry experts networks. 

The Venture Capital firm supports creative entrepreneurs by investing time and expertise to help them get to the market and to scale up faster. The investment firm helps the early-stage technology companies to scale up to the global market. They help the entrepreneurs drive tremendous success in the Canadian technology sector.

To attain its objective, the VC firm works hands-on, helping the entrepreneurs solve problems and in making essential connections that offer valuable perspective and mentorships. 

Vanedge Capital

Vanedge Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on hard tech, analytics, and computational biology.

The Vc firm brings capital, deep domain expertise, and operational experience to help founders scale their startups and position them for growth. 

The early-stage VC firm aspires to work with companies that work on changing the world through foundational technologies. They partner with their founders at the earliest stages and enable them to become their trusted source of capital and advice.

The Vanedge Capital helps entrepreneurs identify technology trends early. They focus on enabling the founders to mitigate execution risk and help them create momentum, grow fast, and dominate new markets. 

Versant Ventures

Versant Ventures is a VC firm focused on harnessing the power of science to improve the healthcare sector. Therefore, the capital investor provides founders access to a team of experts with over 60 years of experience in the pharmacy sector and biotech industry.

Their discovery engines comprise in-house teams from multi-disciplinary sectors and working in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to launch biotechnology companies.

The VC firm has a presence in Vancouver, Toronto, San Diego, New York, San Francisco, and Basel.  

Yaletown Partners

Yaletown Partners invests in software, data, and device technologies disrupting and modernizing the traditional industries. The VC firm works on creating a proper foundation for growth while delivering real value. They seek to become strategic partners, so they back the founder’s vision helping in building an enduring business and bringing value beyond the financial investments.

The VC firm brings a team of successful entrepreneurs and industry executives who help the founders through the challenging journey of building a successful venture. Their typical investments fall in the range of $500K-$2.5M. 

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