Miami’s Top 9 Venture Capital Firms [2023]

Since the start of the pandemic and the new WFH area, Miami has become one of the top cities for tech startups in the US. Indeed, in 2021 Miami’s venture capital firms invested a whopping $3.2 billion for a total of 234 deals, nearly 3x its level in 2020..!

No wonder, Miami has also some of the country’s best venture capital firms. In addition to funding, Miami’s venture capital firms often also offer founders valuable support for hiring, product development, sales and marketing.

In this article we have listed our top picks for the best venture capital firms in Miami. So, if you haven’t yet started to reach out, here is a good place to start learning about them.

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Miami’s Top 9 Venture Capital Firms

Here’s a summary of our top 9 picks for Miami’s best venture capital firms for startups (in alphabetical order):

NameSector focusRoundInvestment sizeInvestments
Fuel Venture CapitalTechnologySeed to Series A+Undisclosed25
Krillion VenturesHealthTech, PropTech, FinTechSeed, Series A$1M20+
LAB VenturesPropTechSeed, Series A$500k11
Miami AngelsSaaS (Consumer + B2B)Seed, Series AUndisclosed40+
Montrose Capital PartnersBiotech, Specialty Pharamceuticals, Robotics, AI, Medical Devices, SemiconductorsEarly StageUndisclosed27
Ocean Azul PartnersB2B Software, Deep Tech, and Tech-EnabledSeed, Series A$200k to $2M31
Quixotic VenturesE-Commerce, Software, Mobile, Apps, InternetSeedUndisclosed30
Secocha VenturesConsumer Products and Services, HealthTech, FintechSeed, Series AUndisclosed30
Starlight VenturesScience and TechnologySeed, Series AUndisclosed37
The VentureCityTechnology (Software)-enabledSeed, Series A$100k to $300k (Pre-Seed and Seed) and $1M to $4M (Series A)100

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1. Fuel Venture Capital

Fuel Venture Capital firm was founded in 2017, and it focuses on technology-enabled companies and offers Seed to Series A+ funding. Apart from direct investment, the firm also plays the role of a partner, thereby providing portfolio companies with all the necessary support and mentoring they require for succeeding.

This venture capital firm hand-picks those companies that have the potential of achieving exponential growth as opposed to linear and incremental growth.

To help the portfolio companies achieve such exponential growth, Fuel Venture Capital offers access to its investors and partners, strategic knowledge, and customized mentoring.

So far, the VC firm has invested in 25 companies with some big names like TaxFyles, Ohmnilabs, Tradeshift, Lunar, and Ubicquia among others.

2. Krillion Ventures

Krillion Ventures is a venture capital firm located in Miami. It focuses on technology-driven startups trying to solve pressing problems in sectors such as real estate, financial services, and healthcare. The firm accepts both pre-revenue and revenue-generating startups. The pre-revenue startups must have a demonstrated proof of concept.

Krillion Ventures offers up to $1M in funding for Seed and Series A rounds. Apart from direct funding, they also provide ongoing support towards marketing, strategy, and further capital raising.

So far, this venture firm has invested in more than 20 companies with some notable names such as HomeLight, DeepBlocks, Cohealo, Wyre, Scoot, and Wheels Up among others.

3. LAB Ventures

Miami-based LAB Ventures works with early-stage startups in the PropTech sector. One of the preconditions they set for funding is that the startups must have some commercially available product along with proof of product-market fit.

The firm’s portfolio companies not only receive funding but also receive warm leads for their commercial pilots. In the later stages, LAB Ventures also provide access to their network of investors for further fundraising.

LAB Ventures offers Seed to Series A funding of up to $500k and often co-invests with other funds. Not just funds, the venture capital firm also offers its deep expertise in the PropTech sector to help the startups succeed.

So far, this venture firm has invested in 11 startups with Green Canopy Node, Bricksave, SmartBarrel being a few of them.

4. Miami Angels

Miami Angels is a venture capital firm made of over 150 angel investors. They focus on early-stage SaaS-enabled startups. One of the primary requirements for investment is that the startups must be in the post-launch stage with some commercially viable product and proof of product-market fit.

Though Miami Angels do not disclose the exact investment amount, they typically invest around $285,000 in the first-round deal. The firm offers Seed and Series A funding to selected startups.

Apart from funding, Miami Angels also provide mentoring through hands-on collaboration. So far, the firm has invested in more than 40 startups with some big names like BabySparks, Pet Assistant, and Class Wallet among others.

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5. Ocean Azul Partners

Ocean Azul Partners is a famous Miami-based venture capital firm that works with early-stage startups. Though they are inclined towards deep tech and B2B software, they regularly invest in other tech-enabled startups.

This VC firm offers Seed and Series A funding with the average investment ranging between $200k and $2M. However, the venture capital firm maintains a long-term partnership by maintaining a board seat in every company they invest in.

So far, Ocean Azul Partners has invested in 31 companies with some recognizable names like BabySparks, TaxFyle, Cohealo and Itopia.

6. Quixotic Ventures

Quixotic Ventures is run by Mark Kingdom who has been investing in startups since 2005. Quixotic Ventures offers Seed funding to startups in Software, E-Commerce, Apps, Mobile, and Internet verticals.

Though the exact investment amount remains undisclosed, this firm has invested in 30 startups with some big names like UberMedia, Twitter, Snapwire, HomeLight, and more. Of these 30 investments, 11 startups had successful exits.

One of the most important criteria for receiving investment from Quixotic Ventures is that the applicants must send a crisp pitch deck with clear insights.

7. Secocha Ventures

Founded in 2013, Secocha Ventures is a popular Miami-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups. The venture capital firm focuses mainly on tech-enabled startups in three verticals namely Fintech, Healthcare, and Consumer Products & Services.

Interestingly Secocha Ventures invests in B2C startups but very rarely, they also invest in B2B startups. Apart from direct Seed and Series A funding, this venture capital firm actively engages with the selected portfolio companies and provides tailored mentorship to help them grow.

So far, the firm has invested in 30 startups, some of which are 10Club, Bling, Brigit, Bunches, CarePredict, Forbidden Foods, Merlin, Opal, and Sheets & Giggles.

8. Starlight Ventures

Starlight Ventures is another of Miami’s popular VCs. It invests in startups operating in the science and technology segments. However, their primary areas of interest include synthetic biology & biotechnology, sustainable production, and new materials, space infrastructure, geoengineering, AI, neural-tech, genomics and genetics.

In short, Starlight Ventures looks for startups that offer to solve the most challenging problems that humankind faces today.

Starlight Ventures offers Seed and Series A funding, but doesn’t necessarily disclose the investment amount. So far, the firm has invested in 37 companies, some of which are 3T Biosciences, Carbo Culture, Carbon Chain, Finless Food, Made In Space, and Open Water.

9. TheVentureCity

TheVentureCity is a female-founded venture capital firm in Miami. This venture capital firm invests in early-stage startups in various sectors. However, the startups must be tech-enabled.

This venture capital firm offers both Seed and Series A funding. For Seed-stage funding, they usually write a check between $100k and $300k in addition to $200k in partner benefits.

For Series A funding, they write a check within the range of $1M to $4M with potential for follow-on funding.

It’s interesting to note that for Seed funding, TheVentureCity provides 3-month product-led growth support and for Series A funding, the firm has an in-house team that works along with the portfolio companies and provides tailored advice on financial strategy, product, growth, operations, and culture.

So far, they have invested in 100 companies such as Erudit, Barkibu, Returnly, Internxt, and more.

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