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How To Create a AdTech Pitch Deck: Full Guide

adtech pitch deck

Digital advertising represented an astounding $325 billion in 2020, projected to increased to $525 billion in 2024. Yet, marketers are increasingly pointing that digital ads are actually quite inefficient and opaque. Add to this the ever-evolving regulations and technologies (e.g.…

How To Create a FinTech Pitch Deck: Full Guide

fintech pitch deck

With more than 2,400 deals and $98 billion invested in H1 2021, FinTech is (still) undeniably the hottest sector in Tech right now. From payments to insurtech to blockchain and cybersecurity, FinTech encompasses many ever-evolving segments creating countless opportunities for…

How To Create a EdTech Pitch Deck: Full Guide

edtech pitch deck

UNESCO estimates the global education market at $4.7 Trillion, of which 65% in high-income countries. With only 3% of this spent on technology, it’s no wonder that EdTech has a long way to go. If you are launching your EdTech…

How To Create a PropTech Pitch Deck: Full Guide

PropTech pitch deck

With $10 billion VC funding in 2020 despite the pandemic, PropTech is one of the hottest sector today. From search (e.g. marketplaces) to property management to real estate selling, PropTech encompasses many sectors. If you are launching your PropTech startup,…

How To Create a Health Tech Pitch Deck: Full Guide

health tech pitch deck

McKinsey estimate the global digital healthcare industry at $350 billion. Recently the pandemic has changed the way consumers think about healthcare, creating new opportunities for growth. If you are launching your health tech startup, you will need a rock-solid pitch…